The other reason besides Bill Belichick Kirk Cousins would want to play for Falcons

There is another reason Kirk Cousins would want to play for Bill Belichick on the Atlanta Falcons.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

At this stage of his playing career, it should be all about family for Kirk Cousins. The perennial Pro Bowl quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington franchise before that is about to hit free agency. He is in his mid-30s, seeking one last big contract before it becomes a year-to-year proposition for him. One NFL franchise he has been tied to of late has been the Atlanta Falcons.

The last two years of quarterback play for Atlanta since pivoting off Matt Ryan have been nothing to write home about. When healthy, Cousins can play his position better than just about anybody on the planet. With former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick very much in the mix to replace Arthur Smith in Flowery Branch, it would not be shocking to see Cousins play for the iconic coach.

Cousins talked to CBS Sports' Isabel Gonzalez about his thoughts on potentially playing for him.

"I'm not going to turn down an opportunity to play with a future Hall of Fame coach, but we'll have to see where March leads. It's just a lot of unknowns right now."

Cousins' comments on the matter were very open-ended, but he did not cross the fit off entirely.

There is one other big reason besides partnering up with Belichick, and probably being the favorites to win the NFC South going forward, for Cousins to go to Atlanta: His wife Julie is from there.

Another reason Kirk Cousins could join Bill Belichick on Atlanta Falcons

Because the Falcons will be playing a ton of 1:00 p.m. ET games in the coming future, this is perfect for Cousins, a guy who thrives in those start times, and not much else. He is a timing and rhythm thrower, a quarterback who would be absolutely perfect at getting the ball to many of Atlanta's outsanding offensive weapons. Drake London, Kyle Pitts and Bijan Robinson would totally love this.

While Todd Bowles is a fine head coach in Tampa Bay, this is Belichick we are talking about. Atlanta was arguably the most talented team in the division last year, but quarterbacking and coaching woese led to its undoing. The combination of Belichick and Cousins would rectify that immediately. Furthermore, they would not have to use the No. 8 pick on a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft.

But as far as family is concerned, Cousins' wife Julie grew up in the suburbs in Alpharetta and went to school in Athens at the University of Georgia. Atlanta is a great place to raise kids. Economic opportunities are abound, resulting in so many transplants relocating there. While the summers are hot, fall is amazing and the winters are mild. You will have to deal with the pollen and the awful traffic.

Overall, Falcons owner Arthur Blank has to make his decision first. He may covet hiring Belichick more than anything, but it takes two to tango. Cousins may fit exactly what Atlanta needs to add to the quarterback room, but they will need a long-term successor for him eventually. This may all coincide with Blank wanting to bring his adopted city a Super Bowl parade before his time with us runs out.

Ultimately, The Cousinses aren't going to make any rash decision in his free agency. They are financially set for the rest of their lives and then some from his playing career. Cousins has always been a guy willing to bet on himself. For a team most people actively write off, I would say he would be perfect in Atlanta playing for Belichick. If he gets hired, the Cousinses may soon follow in the spring.

It would serve Cousins to pick the brain of Matt Ryan to see if Atlanta is right for him and his family.

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