NFL Rumors: Mike Evans deadline, 49ers diss Garoppolo, Aaron Rodgers Jets dream

  • Mike Evans contract talks hit snag for Buccaneers
  • 49ers' Kyle Shanahan disses Jimmy Garoppolo
  • Aaron Rodgers dubs Jets experience 'a beautiful dream'
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NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers loving 'beautiful dream' of Jets experience

Aaron Rodgers was more than ready to leave the Green Bay Packers after last season. So far, it would appear that he's absolutely loving his new surroundings with the New York Jets.

"I told a friend this has felt like waking up inside of a dream, this whole experience," he told Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic. "A beautiful dream. So many times you have a great dream and you wake up and you think: I just want to get back into that but I can’t quite get back into the dream. I’ve woken up inside of that dream and it’s been really, really special."

The Jets certainly have the feel of a contender with Rodgers at the reins. His preseason connection with Garrett Wilson sent the fanbase into a frenzy. The looming debut of Dalvin Cook in the backfield only adds to the excitement bubbling up around a team that hasn't given folks much to be exicted about over the last decade.

Rodgers also appears to be taking in the special beauty of New York City and the pleasures of his new home. With all due respect to Green Bay, there's a unique atmosphere in the Big Apple and the Jets' organization, for all its depressing woe over the years, can feel like an absolute destination when the front office actually builds a competent roster.

The Jets' ultimate goal here is to win the Super Bowl. New York faces an uphill battle — Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Lamar Jackson are all in the AFC, for starters — but Rodgers has captained many successful teams in the past. He knows what it takes to bring an organization across the finish line. His leadership has been readily apparent during Jets training camp and he's still equipped for a strong season on the field, even at 39 years old.

We will see if Rodgers' beautiful dream carries in the regular season or if the rigors of professional competition quickly snaps him back to reality.

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