NFL Rumors: NY Giants made the Seattle Seahawks OC decision for them

The New York Giants played a pivotal role in deciding the Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator with a simple interview request rejection

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Giants
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The Seattle Seahawks made a change at head coach with Mike MacDonald replacing Pete Carroll. With the regime change, they're also looking to make a change from Shane Waldron at offensive coordinator as well.

Two of the leading candidates heading into the weekend were current Alabama and former Washington Huskies offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb and current New York Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka. But if it was deciding between the two, that decision may have been made for the Seahawks.

As it turns out, Kafka wasn't even allowed to interview, courtesy of the Giants, who reportedly blocked the move, per Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports. The G-Men exercised a contractual right that has forced Seattle to move in a different direction.

Talk about pulling the strings. At the same time, for the Giants, this allows Kafka to grow more in his current role, where there are indications that Giants head coach Brian Daboll does not plan to be the offensive playcaller next season. Keep in mind, just a few years ago both Daboll and Kafka coached quarterback Daniel Jones to a career-best season as the Giants reached the playoffs and won a playoff game against Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings.

NFL Rumors: Giants block Seahawks from interviewing OC Mike Kafka

With Kafka out of the mix, where do the Seahawks turn? As mentioned, Grubb is still a legitimate option, though an unconventional one. He made a move alongside Kalen DeBoer to go from Washington to Alabama in the college ranks, and has yet to call a play for the Crimson Tide. There are also some questions regarding how he'd translate to a larger role in the NFL.

Grubb only has two seasons of experience coaching at a Power Five program in the college ranks. On top of that, he has never coached in the NFL in any way. That's not to say that he can't do that; there's just no evidence that could theoretically help his case. Still, he might be the leader to take the job.

Former Seahawks OC Shane Waldron is now in Chicago, and Seattle is still left searching someone to lead the new era with MacDonald. Seattle's defense appears to be in good shape, but the offense needs a boost, especially with how crowded and loaded the NFC West is. There are still a lot of moving pieces left to be filled before the combine and the draft, and Seattle will need to act fast.

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