NFL rumors: Vikings' predicted QBs for 2024 will cause a riot in Twin Cities

  • Kirk Cousins is not likely coming back to the Minnesota Vikings in his NFL free agency.
  • Despite having the No. 12 overall pick, the Vikings will need some luck in the NFL Draft.
  • If they cannot draft a promising rookie, it could be very rough for them under center...

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings
Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

This is what it sounds like when doves cry. The only person who is going to love blowing up the Minnesota Vikings would be their kid at a science fair general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah. Year by year, he has been tearing away at the fabric of what has made the Vikings good, but not great. Maybe there is a method to the madness, but here is what could happen if Kirk Cousins leaves in free agency.

Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic predicted the starting quarterbacks for all 32 NFL teams next season. While many spots are already filled, the Vikings are in a group of about a dozen or so teams where there is great uncertainty at the position going into next season. While he has Cousins going to the Atlanta Falcons in his free agency, coming to Minnesota will be ... Sam Darnold and Zach Wilson...

If you threw up in your mouth reading that, I wouldn't blame you. Here are two quarterbacks that not even the flightless New York Jets even want. Rather than paying a precise, perennial Pro Bowl passer top-dollar, Rosenblatt thinks Adofo-Mensah wants to double down on a pair of inherently reckless draft busts that gave Gang Green gangrene. If it is Darnold and Wilson in the Twin Cities, just give up.

People in Minneapolis and St. Paul will riot more than pesky punks watching The Replacements play.

NFL rumors: Minnesota Vikings fans would hate this QB combination

After watching Wilson relieve Darnold, make sure to wash your arsenic down with some more poison. If that is the quarterback combination in Minnesota next year, I would boycott playing another down, especially if I was Justin Jefferson. Although the Vikings tend to run through quarterbacks like the late Larry King did wives, how can you even sell Darnold and Wilson to your famished fan base?

This is how we get rid of Minnesota nice once an for all. The Vikings' front office breaks their will to be cordial and speak respectfully. Eagan, Minnesota might as well be renamed Misery, home of Frustrated, Incorporated. In the land that birthed Husker Du, do you remember such a massive quarterback downgrade from one year to another? It is like Matt Ryan to Marcus Mariota, but worse.

Overall, I sincerely doubt that the Vikings are going to sell hot crap in a bag to their fan base like this. Even if Adofo-Mensah wants to go Poprocks and Coke all over us, keep in mind that architects of teardowns rarely ever get to see fruits of their labor. Furthermore, why would head coach Kevin O'Connell want to put his job security in jeopardy for with a noted ghost seer or a Jet Blue heir?

Just trade up to get someone like Drake Maye or reach on Bo Nix and all will be forgiven here...

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