NHL MVP Power Rankings: Way-too-early candidates for the Hart Trophy

With the 2023-24 NHL season still in its early stages, we take a look at some players that could win the Hart Trophy, including some former NHL MVPs.

Auston Matthews is already reminding the NHL he's an MVP-caliber player.
Auston Matthews is already reminding the NHL he's an MVP-caliber player. / Claus Andersen/GettyImages
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player. . Connor McDavid. 4. Connor McDavid MVP Rank #4. 148. Center. 2023-24: 2GP, 1G, 2A, 3 pts, -4. Connor McDavid.

McDavid only in fourth place after winning twice in the last three seasons? This is why these are way-too-early MVP rankings, but it hasn't all been rainbows and flowers for the Edmonton Oilers so far. Through two games, they're 0-2-0 and have been out-scored 12-4 by an injured, shallow Vancouver team.

McDavid's squad was defeated twice at the hands of the Canucks in the span of a week, and the bottom line is that they need to win. Score as many points as he'd like, the future Hockey Hall of Famer can't be considered the 'most valuable' if the Oilers continue to flounder against weaker teams, even if it's no fault of his own.

McDavid is still over a point-per-game to start the season, and his individual performances and past precedent will keep him alive in this conversation all season long, provided he remains healthy. The 26-year-old garnered nearly all of the first-place votes last year, and it's unlikely he loses the majority of his Hart voters - for now.