Nick Castellanos postgame interview is something Spencer Strider could never relate to

Name an MLB player whose interviews are more alluring than Nick Castellanos right now.

Philadelphia Phillies, Nick Castellanos
Philadelphia Phillies, Nick Castellanos / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Phillies star Nick Castellanos is turning into Mr. October this year with his crazy productive games of late.

On Monday, in Game 1 of the NLCS against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Castellanos hit a homer to help his team get in front early with a big lead. The Phillies went on to wn 5-3.

Through three MLB postseason games, Castellanos has hit five homers in that span, becoming only the second player to do so. Reggie Jackson first accomplished the feat back in 1977 when he hit three homers against the Dodgers in Game 6 of the World Series along with a homer apiece in Game 4 and Game 5.

After Game 1's win, Castellanos was interviewed by NBC Sports Philadelphia and gave mostly terse and succinct answers which exuded his confidence.

When asked why he thrives in high-pressure moments, Castellanos responded, "You could take this camera and just show the stadium. I think that answers the question."

That did not, in fact, answer the question all that well but it did reveal Castellanos' mentality in the postseason: he's feeding off the energy from the fans, something Spencer Strider could not relate to.

Phillies' Nick Castellanos is locked in during NLCS vs. Diamondbacks

Castellanos is then told that Reggie Jackson is the only player to have as many homers as he does in a three-game span. So, what was his comfort level in this moment? He gave another iconic curt reply: "Look, do I feel good? Yes. To say that I don't I'd be lying. But by no means do I feel comfortable in any regard. We got seven more wins."

At least the interviewer got more out of Castellanos than the poor sap in the NLDS against the Braves who just threw facts at the Phillies star. Castellanos, who at the time had become the first player in MLB playoff history to record a second consecutive multi-homer game, had asked Turner Sports' Matt Winer, "Where's the question?" and ended the interview with, "Thank you for telling me."

The 31-year-old Castellanos has five homers and six RBIs in the playoffs so far; he's a lifetime .232 postseason hitter. Game 2 of the NLCS should feature another Nick Castellanos special, both on and off the field.

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