Marcus Freeman playing Mr. Nice Guy with Ryan Day ahead of Notre Dame-OSU clash

Marcus Freeman had some praise for Ryan Day before their two teams face off in a Top 10 matchup between Notre Dame and Ohio State in college football's Week 4.
Central Michigan v Notre Dame
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Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman has praise for Ryan Day ahead of the Fighting Irish's Week 4 matchup against Ohio State.

Freeman told ESPN's Adam Rittenberg that he tells Day that the Buckeyes head coach has "done a tremendous job of leading that program." every time he sees him.

Notre Dame faces off against Ohio State on Saturday in South Bend in a Top 10 matchup that could have College Football Playoff implications.

Notre Dame goes into this game looking like a playoff contender with Sam Hartman leading the offense after transferring from Wake Forest. With the biggest test for both the Irish and Buckeyes now on deck, though, Freeman isn't giving any bulletin-board material, playing the role of Mr. Nice Guy.

Notre Dame: Marcus Freeman not giving Ryan Day, Ohio State ammo before Week 4 clash

Going into this game, Notre Dame is the slight favorite. The Fighting Irish offense has been more solid through the first 3-4 weeks. While Marvin Harrison Jr. and others have made up for Kyle McCord's poor play early in the season, at some point the junior will have to make a great play. That's just something we've not seen, especially against a team the caliber of the Irish.

Hartman, on the other hand, has a far greater chance to show up as a playmaker. He has regularly expanded the capabilities of the Fighting Irish offense since coming into the fray. While the Notre Dame defense will give Ohio State offense fits at times, we could still very well be in store for a high-scoring affair.

Still, Notre Dame cannot let their guard down in the slightest. On Saturday, there is a very real and strong possibility that the Buckeyes win this game with McCord nothing being more than a game manager. One thing that won't be happening if Freeman has any say, though, is giving Ohio State any extra motivation for the marquee matchup.

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