For better or worse, Kyle McCord needs to be Ohio State QB1

Ohio State is stuck with Kyle McCord this season. What is a way to make sure the Buckeyes are able to succeed this season with McCord at QB?

Youngstown State v Ohio State
Youngstown State v Ohio State / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

After two games, Ohio State fans are not in love with Kyle McCord. The Buckeyes have won handily against their tune-up opponents, but McCord has not been dominant in those games. McCord is a junior who played sparingly over the last two years and won the starting job during fall practices.

Due to the fact that there was a QB battle during camp, it was expected that McCord not be a superstar for the Buckeyes.

Ohio State has one more tune-up game against Western Kentucky and then will be playing Notre Dame in a very tough matchup. McCord will need to be mistake-free if they want a chance to beat Notre Dame. He can afford to be a game manager of sorts, but McCord means too much to this offense to consistently make mistakes and misreads.

Ohio State football: What is a reasonable expectation for Kyle McCord this season?

A reasonable expectation for McCord this season would be for him to make sure that Ohio State's excellent wide receivers are able to get the ball in space. Marvin Harrison Jr. is one of the best players in college football this season and Ohio State should make sure that the nation knows that.

While the wide receiver position is one that often hinges on QB play, Ohio State can limit the impact that McCord has with simple routes that allow Harrison to get the ball in space. This includes running slants, outs, and curl routes. This will allow Harrison to get the ball in space. While it might not be ideal to have a player like him avoid running deep routes, it is the easiest way for Harrison Jr. to get the ball.

If McCord is able to support Ohio State playmakers on the field like this, then the Buckeyes could be a team that ends up making the College Football Playoff.

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