Patrick Mahomes took note of dumbest bulletin-board material thanks to Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs may be struggling now, but giving Patrick Mahomes bulletin-board material is never a good idea.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes doesn't need bulletin-board material to succeed. He is the best at what he does in the NFL. Heck, what he does is play the most important position in the NFL. Yes, it's safe to say Mahomes is the most important player in the league.

Just like Tom Brady before him, the best quarterbacks don't always need motivation, but it really doesn't hurt matters. Mahomes and the Chiefs have been struggling on offense dating back to a surprising loss against the Denver Broncos on Oct. 29. Denver defensive coordinator Vance Joseph received his kudos for holding Kansas City to just nine points.

While Joseph himself didn't do much talking, the Denver Post took care of that for him, saying the Broncos DC broke Mahomes. As it turns out, Mahomes likes to support local journalism just like the rest of us.

Patrick Mahomes took note of Denver Broncos smack talk

The opinion of a local publication is far from a reflection of how the Broncos feel. However, media takes often get back to the players they are about. In Mahomes case, they were largely positive until this week. The Chiefs fell to the Buffalo Bills last Sunday on a not-so-controversial offensive offsides penalty that Mahomes and Co. didn't respond well to.

Mahomes himself complained about the call to Josh Allen, which was poor sportsmanship. Mahomes has since apologized to Allen. He even lambasted the officials to the media, and Andy Reid didn't exactly correct him.

Mahomes, Reid and Co. have since walked back their comments from the heat of the moment. Kadarius Toney's foot was across the line of scrimmage. The bigger problem for Kansas City is getting their offense back on track. The lack of key contributors in the receiving corps (minus Rashee Rice and Travis Kelce) is a problem that isn't going away.

If anyone can figure out a solution, it's Mahomes, and the Broncos would be best not to forget that.