Patrick Mahomes expresses regret over raging Josh Allen interaction

The response from Patrick Mahomes after a lost game to the Buffalo Bills went viral for all the wrong reasons. After some time to think about it, Mahomes agrees he should have acted differently.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

It's almost certain that none of us wish to be judged by our worst moments. Patrick Mahomes is feeling that sentiment intensely this week after his response following the Chiefs' loss to the Buffalo Bills has been put under the microscope of scrutiny.

A key penalty -- that by the letter of the law was correctly called, but plenty of NFL figures have argued it was an uncommon penalty -- late in the game pulled back an incredible Chiefs touchdown that very well could have won Kansas City the game.

Instead, Kansas City turned the ball over on downs with less than a minute remaining to give the Bills the win after the touchdown was called back. The Chiefs sideline was hot, but none hotter than Mahomes. Plenty have read his lips already (warning: NSFW language in the linked video).

But beyond lip reading, his comments were actually caught on camera when connecting with Bills quarterback Josh Allen after the game. Mahomes hugged Allen, but said, "worst [expletive] call I've ever seen." Fans juxtaposed that with Allen's reaction after the Bills lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Chiefs in a heated recent postseason game.

Patrick Mahomes agrees he should have taken the high road, regrets his comments to Josh Allen

It didn't take long for Mahomes to step back, cool off, and gain some perspective. While he likely still disagrees with the call completely, he said he regrets how he reacted, in particular his words to Allen.

I regretted the way I acted towards Josh after the game because he had nothing to do with it. I was, uh, I was still hot and emotional but you can't do that, man."

Who among us hasn't said something while hot and bothered that we've come to regret later on? Most of us haven't had it broadcast on TV and social media. Tough look for Mahomes, but a tough situation as well.

Mahomes didn't act professionally or display the stoicism and politeness we're used to from him. That doesn't mean he's become a villain or has officially entered a new, starkly different arc of his stardom. This was just human.

In the clip above, Mahomes addressed his words toward officials as well, saying it was unprofessional for him to act the way he did.

Even after the loss, the Chiefs are still in the playoff picture as the AFC West leaders.

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