Power Ranking every single starting QB of the 2023 season

There were more than 60 quarterbacks who started a game in the NFL this season. With so many injuries, where do we rank every one from Zach Wilson to Patrick Mahomes?

Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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The most important position in sports is the NFL quarterback. There are NHL teams who have won with average goalies. An MLB starting pitcher goes once every five days. A great striker in soccer can still be shut down. Meanwhile, an NFL quarterback can be unstoppable or the reason his team loses on a weekly basis.

This season, there were 66 quarterbacks who started an NFL game. This was a year where injuries were the story. Stars like Aaron Rodgers, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Kirk Cousins, and more missed significant time and forced teams to pivot despite Super Bowl aspirations. Now, there are 14 quarterbacks playing in the playoffs right now. However, we want to look back and see who ranks where for their performance in the regular season.

66. Aaron Rodgers
New York Jets

There was no other option to be last on this list. Aaron Rodgers was terrible for the New York Jets this season. No, it wasn't because of his play on the field. He played one series against the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football before he tore his Achilles. That's an injury that usually takes close to a year to recover. Well not for Mr. Rodgers. He, of course, told everyone he would have this miraculous recovery and return this season. He made sure he was on the sideline every single game, and he was even training in the middle of pregame warmups so reporters would fall into his trap and report his progress.

He also has his foray on the Pat McAfee show where if he's not drawing bad headlines, then he doesn't exist. Between Mr. Pfizer and Jimmy Kimmel, Rodgers was the biggest distraction in the history of football. His cost to value proposition was so negative, there was no chance the Jets could focus. This is especially bad when it's the New York media asking the questions.

Rodgers was so awful for the Jets. There were multiple stories about how he was helping Zach Wilson along, and that Wilson would be prepared when he decides to retire. LOL!