Raiders pivot from Kliff Kingsbury at OC is a high-risk proposition

Kliff Kingsbury left the Raiders out to dry but this hire is...uninspiring.

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy
Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy / Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders had their offensive coordinator job all sorted out but Kliff Kingsbury threw a wrench in the works when he took his name out of consideration.

With the job reopened late in the cycle, the Raiders don't exactly have the full range of options available to them. Still, the name that was reported on Friday night isn't going to spark much excitement in Las Vegas.

Former Bears ofensive coordinator Luke Getsy is on deck for the Raiders, according to Albert Breer.

Luke Getsy? The failed OC of the Bears? The coach that didn't sufficiently develop Justin Fields? Who Chicago didn't want to entrust with the care of the No. 1 pick of the draft? That Luke Getsy? That's the Raiders' hire?

Raiders hiring Luke Getsy is a huge step back from Kliff Kingsbury

Bears fans celebrated when Getsy was fired. Chicago was in the bottom half of the NFL in expected points, yards per play, turnovers lost and more stats where those came from. The only thing the Bears were good at was running the ball and that's largely because of the threat of Fields and his legs.

Getsy was widely criticized for his playcalling, especially his lack of aggression when the Bears needed to score to win.

Kingsbury was run out of Arizona because he was a bad head coach, but his ability as an offensive coordinator was still exciting. Getsy was run out of Chicago because he couldn't get the most out of a promising young quarterback. Now he's being tasked with developing Aiden O'Connell?

You never know. The fit with the Bears may not have worked out. Maybe Getsy gets it in Vegas. But the risk of this being a massive failure feels high. Chicago was his first OC gig and it didn't go well. Being a respected position coach doesn't mean you have the chops to run an offense.

To be fair to Antonio Pierce, his options were limited. Finding someone to replace Kingsbury at this stage was always going to be tough. If it was truly a contractual hiccup that drove him away, that's the biggest problem.

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