Ranking the 3 best trade packages the Warriors can get for Andrew Wiggins

The Warriors are reportedly open to offers on Andrew Wiggins but can they actually get a big enough return to make a trade worth the trouble?

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1. Washington Wizards

In case you didn't know, Jordan Poole was Wiggins’ best friend on the Warriors. Now that Poole's gone, Wiggins might have mentally checked out as well. This may even explain Wiggins' unusual struggles this season. In light of Wiggins' rocky season, here's a trade that will reunite Poole and Wiggins, and give Golden State a proven champ. 

Wizards Warriors

In this league, it's all about chemistry. It's hard to imagine Wiggins having any confidence in Golden State as an organization after watching what they did to his friend Jordan Poole. This is entirely speculation, but doesn't seem too far out of the left field. In fact, Wiggins said the two still talk to this day.

If you're the Wizards, it's a bit of a gamble. You're not getting the two first-round picks you asked for, but you knew that was a long shot anyway. Your hope is that Wiggins can play better off-ball than Kuzma, which I think he can.

As for the Warriors, they would get Kyle Kuzma, a young player with all-around abilities. Whether it's spacing the floor, rebounding, defending, or creating his own shot, Kuzma is a valuable addition to any roster. With his length and versatility, he should be able to immediately jumpstart Golden State's offense. His ability to play at the 3 in traditional lineups and the 4 in small-ball lineups is an ideal fit for Golden State.

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