Ranking every NFL team's QB situation going into the offseason

The quarterback position is the most important in sports, but some NFL teams are going into the offseason with major question marks under center.

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21. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are losing their former starting quarterback to Ryan Tannehill this offseason, but Will Levis showed some very interesting flashes last season. The former second-round pick fell in the NFL Draft in 2023, but he might have found the perfect team to succeed. In other situations, Levis would either start before he was ready or might not start at all. In Tennessee, the Titans had a chance to start with Tannehill, but it eventually became clear that Levis should be the guy. 

Levis finished the season with a little over 1,800 yards, eight touchdowns, and four interceptions. He looks like he will continue to get better. Of course, the Titans' situation changed greatly this offseason with the firing of Mike Vrabel and the hiring of Brian Callahan. The former Bengals offensive coordinator has made it his goal to build a relationship with Levis, which could lead to Levis becoming a star. 

Behind Levis is Malik Willis. The former third-round pick also fell in the draft, but his play showed that there was a reason for this. He wasn’t given much of a chance last season, but it just didn’t make sense to get him under center. Don’t be surprised if he’s playing somewhere else next season. Maybe if Callahan can find what ailed him in Vrabel’s offense, he could bring out a much better player. Still, it’s just as a backup.

Levis is a player fans should pay extra attention to this season. If you play fantasy, he’s a very interesting deep target. He could make a second-season jump that makes him look like Justin Herbert. He hasn’t proven it yet, so he sits outside the top 20.