Ranking every NFL team's QB situation going into the offseason

The quarterback position is the most important in sports, but some NFL teams are going into the offseason with major question marks under center.

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11. San Francisco 49ers

Again, this one is a surprise for how low they are, but since Brock Purdy was getting MVP buzz in the middle of the season, he’s continued to fall off each and every week. Purdy was still really good, and he led the 49ers to the Super Bowl, but he fell off in the second half and lost the game. We’re not saying the 49ers are losing confidence in Purdy, but everyone else might be. 

The national media will ask about Purdy’s ability to win when it matters most. He did win two playoff games, but they weren’t exactly impressive. His average performance has some wondering if Kyle Shanahan will move Purdy while he’s incredibly valuable and go after someone like Kirk Cousins, who he’s been infatuated with for a while. 

Behind Purdy is Sam Darnold, who is a free agent this offseason. The lore of Darnold is probably going to make him more money than the 49ers are willing to spend on a backup. This is especially true if the 49ers are looking to get into business with another veteran. 

It sounds crazy, but the 49ers might make an insanely desperate move this offseason. The only goal in San Francisco is to win a championship. Anything less than a Super Bowl is a failure. That will lead to a move that could bring another title or a whole lot of regret. Even with all that, Purdy still deserves this spot in the rankings.