Ranking every NFL team's QB situation going into the offseason

The quarterback position is the most important in sports, but some NFL teams are going into the offseason with major question marks under center.

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9. Philadelphia Eagles

This is going to be one that is very reactionary to the end of the season, but the Philadelphia Eagles fell from Super Bowl favorite to out in the Wild Card round. They lost to Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football in the playoffs. It was not a good night for Jalen Hurts. 

Just think about the trajectory of Hurts. He went from dominating the league with his connection to A.J. Brown to being so good at the Tush Push that many called for the play to be banned to watching his NFC East lead go up in smoke. It was a banner year. Woah, actually it was the opposite of a banner year. There are no banners going up in Philly.

Hurts is still a really good quarterback, and the Eagles should be happy to have him. Sure, he threw way too many interceptions last season (15), but everything else about his game is great. Something strange happened at the end of last season, and he just needs to put it behind him. 

The Eagles are probably losing Marcus Mariota this offseason. That’s not a huge deal for the Eagles because Hurts doesn’t get injured very often. He has the best offensive line in football even if Jason Kelce retires. He will stay safe, so Hurts is going to drive where they end up on this list in the future.