Ranking every NFL team's QB situation going into the offseason

The quarterback position is the most important in sports, but some NFL teams are going into the offseason with major question marks under center.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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8. Green Bay Packers

This one is a surprise. There were times last season when Jordan Love looked like a total mistake. He took time to get into the offense. After a few years under Matt LaFleur, it was expected that Love would be ready to go as soon as Aaron Rodgers found “greener” pastures. Now that Rodgers is on the Jets, Love is the only guy in Green Bay.

As we said, it was a rough start, but Love was one of the best quarterbacks down the stretch. After a loss to Pittsburgh, the Packers dropped to 3-6. After that, Love went nuclear. He threw for 18 touchdowns and one interception for the rest of the season. Those are MVP-level numbers. 

Love is going to be the bell of the ball going into next season. There is always a quarterback people predict will become the next great quarterback. That final stretch to the season is undeniable. He was fantastic, playing like one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Their backup situation isn’t great, but they don’t need one. Love hasn’t shown an inability to stay on the field.

Next season, Love could fall off or he could build off his great finish. We’ve seen it go both ways. Last season, Kenny Pickett was the flavor of training camp. We saw how that went. He’s now fighting to keep his job. However, Love appears to have more going for him. It’s not a flavor of the month. It’s just another quarterback breaking into greatness.