Ranking every NFL team's QB situation going into the offseason

The quarterback position is the most important in sports, but some NFL teams are going into the offseason with major question marks under center.

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30. Atlanta Falcons

We’ve been low on the Atlanta Falcons throughout the 2023 season. Desmond Ridder was built as this diamond in the rough who just needed an opportunity. Well, he was given an opportunity with a talent-laden offense and failed. It ended up costing Arthur Smith his job as head coach. Now, the new coaching staff is talking about staying the course with Ridder or at least not giving up on him completely. 

The Falcons also have Taylor Heinicke on the roster. He was given four games to start with incredibly inconsistent results. Heinicke could have finally secured a starting role, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Both Heinicke and Ridder are still under contract, as is former seventh-rounder Logan Woodside. 

The Falcons come into this offseason with more questions surrounding the QB than anyone. It’s very clear to everyone outside that locker room that change is necessary. However, it doesn’t seem that’s clear to those inside the room. The Falcons have the foundation of a really great team. They are just really weak at one position.

The issue is that position is the most important on the team. This should have been a playoff team last season. Instead, the failure to ensure the spot under center cost many people their jobs. If the Falcons allow this to be the situation again, 2024 will be another down year in the ATL.