Re-ranking Justin Fields most likely destinations after latest QB carousel update

  • Baker Mayfield re-upping with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers seemed so obvious.
  • Nobody outside of Team 3 thought Russell Wilson was going to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • So where does this leave Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields ahead of next season?

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / John Fisher/GettyImages
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2. New England Patriots could be an interesting fit, even with No. 3 pick

Although I tend to think that the New England Patriots are going to take a quarterback near the top of the first round in a few weeks, they are actually a strong landing spot for a guy like Fields. He would be replacing his fellow 2021 draft classmate Mac Jones, who is going to the Jacksonville Jaguars once the new league year begins. This would pave an interesting pathway for Fields to go to Foxborough.

By trading for Fields, the Patriots don't really need to take a quarterback in the first round. They would be in the same boat as other teams vying for a veteran quarterback this offseason. Although I panned Jerod Mayo getting promoted from within to be their next head coach, I loved seeing the Patriots pick up Alex Van Pelt to be their new offensive coordinator. That is a hire I can get behind.

While it serves the Patriots to draft a guy in the first round, I do appreciate them at least seeing what the free agent and trade market could manifest for them. If the right quarterback of the future is already in the league, then by all means, go get the guy. However, there is one team that is a better landing spot for Fields, one that already has a baked-in connection to lead to a smoother transition.

The three latest quarterback moves of note give the Patriots a real shot at landing Fields in the end.