Re-ranking Justin Fields most likely destinations after latest QB carousel update

  • Baker Mayfield re-upping with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers seemed so obvious.
  • Nobody outside of Team 3 thought Russell Wilson was going to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • So where does this leave Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields ahead of next season?

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / John Fisher/GettyImages
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1. Las Vegas Raiders should be the overwhelming favorite to land him now

Despite recently promoted head coach Antonio Pierce having Arizona State ties to Jayden Daniels, the most logical offseason move to make if you are the Las Vegas Raiders is to simply deal for Fields. His former offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is now calling the shots in Southern Nevada. Under Getsy, Fields got better each season. He knows the system and he would beat out Aidan O'Connell.

While I wouldn't be shocked if the Raiders tried to draft a quarterback in the first round this year, keep in mind where they are picking. Coming in at No. 13, they are a spot behind the division rival Denver Broncos picking at No. 12 and two spots behind the Minnesota Vikings picking at No. 11. All three teams need a new quarterback. Las Vegas could trade up, but the Raiders must find the right partner.

For my money, I would just deal for Fields and then try to round out the roster with a nice, high-end complementary player at No. 13. Maybe get a wide receiver, a pass-rusher or something with that selection. So with the Pittsburgh Steelers no longer an option for him, and the Atlanta Falcons probably bowing out here shortly, Fields has to be going to Las Vegas. The Raiders are the favorites.

With the right pieces around him, Fields could have the Raiders pushing for playoff berths early.

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