Rashee Rice apologizes, takes responsibility for involvement in car crash, but questions linger

The Kansas City Chiefs' wideout could face punishment from the NFL.

Rashee Rice, Kansas City Chiefs
Rashee Rice, Kansas City Chiefs / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, a car leased by Kansas City Chiefs WR Rashee Rice was involved in a six-car crash in Dallas. The vehicle, a Lamborghini Urus, fled the scene. You can review the dashcam footage. The cars were allegedly racing before the accident. Per the leasing agreement, Rice was the only person allowed to drive the Lamborghini.

One person was hospitalized as a result of the accident. There are, of course, hit-and-run consequences under Texas law, especially when a person is hurt. After days of silence, both in the media and in the legal realm, Rice took to Instagram for a public statement on Wednesday.

"Today I met with Dallas PD investigators regarding Saturday's accident. I take full responsbility for my part in this matter and will continue to cooperate with the necessary authorities. I sincerely apologize to everyone impacted in Saturday's accident."

Chiefs' Rashee Rice issues apology after car crash

Rice's apology is an appropriate gesture, but several questions remain. We probably won't get all the answers for legal reasons. There is very little incentive, at least within the legal sphere, for Rice to come clean and comb through every detail in the public eye.

The language of his apology is, notably, very broad. He takes full responsibility for his "part in this matter," but that is not an admission of guilt. It in no way clarifies how Rice was involved. All he said is that he will cooperate with authorities.

As far as the Chiefs are concerned, Rice's future is exceedingly murky. Kansas City cannot afford to lose their best wideout in an already-weak WR room, but in addition to the looming threat of legal action, Rice could face punishment from the league in the form of a suspension or fine. Probably both.

We will surely learn more about this incident as the weeks progress. Training camp is right around the corner and Kansas City will wait with bated breath for updates on Rice's status. It goes without saying that street racing is exceedingly dangerous, and recklessly putting lives in danger on the highway is a grave offense. If Rice is found guilty, he will face the consequences of his actions.

As a rookie, Rice roped in 79 receptions for 938 yards and seven touchdowns, averaging 11.9 yards per catch. He was the Chiefs' No. 2 receiver in terms of total yards, trailing only All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce (984).