3 reasons Connor McDavid will still win MVP

Connor McDavid had a terrible start to his season, but he's officially back and better than ever. Despite his team still fighting for a playoff spot, he should be the favorite to win MVP.

2023 NHL Awards - Connor McDavid wins Hart Trophy.
2023 NHL Awards - Connor McDavid wins Hart Trophy. / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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The Edmonton Oilers were the biggest disappointment in the NHL during hockey's first month. They were in the same realm as the San Jose Sharks, who are very much committed to the tank. In fact, they even lost to the Sharks, which was rock bottom for that franchise.

Since then, the Oilers have been red hot. As of this writing, the Oilers have won eight straight games. This current streak has Connor McDavid back in the conversation for MVP. He is the odds-on favorite, but the sportsbook always follows the money. The season-ending today wouldn't end with McDavid taking home the Hart Trophy. Many other candidates would corner the market. However, there are a few reasons to think that by the end of the season, the reigning MVP will call it back-to-back.

3. Connor McDavid is probably going to lead the league in points

So, on a traditional points pace, Connor McDavid isn't on pace to lead the league in points. Nikita Kucherov is leading the league in points and points per game. However, McDavid is nipping at his heels. However, over the past month, McDavid has 28 points in 13 games. That's more than two points per game. Let's just say McDavid is back, and he scores at last year's pace for the rest of the season.

So, if we take his 1.87 points per game and multiply that by the Oilers' remaining 56 games, that gives McDavid 104 more points than he has now. That pace has him scoring 142 points. There is no way that Kucherov is scoring that many. Neither is Jack Hughes, J.T. Miller, Artemi Panarin, Nathan MacKinnon, or David Pastrnak. McDavid would once again be head and shoulders above everyone.

We all know the NHL voters aren't looking too far into the stats. The Selke Trophy, the one that goes to the best defensive forward, always uniquely goes to a center with at least 70 points. So, if McDavid can bounce back and score this many points, he is going to win MVP.