Redrafting the first five quarterbacks taken in 2023 after Will Levis breakout game

Will Levis has emerged in the rookie quarterback conversation, creating a real debate over how to order the quarterbacks drafted in 2023.

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Will Levis threw for 327 yards, a touchdown, an interception, and a sack on Monday night against the Miami Dolphins, but most importantly, the former Kentucky Wildcat helped lead a Tennessee Titans offense that, according to WYMT, was "the first NFL team to ever be down 14 points with less than 2:55 left and win without overtime."

The Titans improved to 5-8 with the win but are still at the bottom of the AFC Playoff picture. Even so, though, there's a lot to like about Levis and the future Tennessee can build around him.

Levis infamously dropped to the second round where the Titans grabbed him in the 2023 NFL Draft. Were teams able to do it all over today with the knowledge they have now about how most of the first season has gone for all of these players, where would he and the other top-five drafted quarterbacks be selected?

Hendon Hooker: 68th overall to Detroit Lions

This is not a knock on Hooker by any means to have him still placed at 68th overall to the Lions, where he was actually drafted.

Hooker has yet to see an NFL snap and we have therefore no new information on him, and neither do NFL teams. Hooker could very well put together a strong NFL career someday, but his unluckily-timed ACL tear in his senior season has made it difficult for him to earn an immediate opportunity.

Bryce Young: 5th overall to Seattle Seahawks

Bryce Young is by far the toughest plwhoayer to project at this point in the 2023 season. There's a reason he was drafted first overall in 2023, he had the highest ceiling of any player in the draft. At best, Young projects to be a game-changing, elite pro quarterback that can win his team games.

Young's physical limitations were the subject of much discussion leading up to the draft this year, but it's hard to see those as a clear factor as to why he's not playing as well as expected.

Looking at the organization as a whole, the Panthers have stood behind him throughout the year and clearly been displeased with Frank Reich's leadership in his first year as head coach of the team. If we're pointing just one finger, Young may not be to blame. Reich has already been fired, and one of the reasons was reportedly that he didn't want to put more RPOs into his playbook, despite the assumption that they would help play to Young's strengths.

Clearly, he hasn't been set up for success.

We need to take some time to breathe and see how Young's career pans out before labeling him good, bad, or bust, but looking solely at the performances from 2023 so far, Young is not winning games, his counterparts are. He may have slid past No. 4 if teams could look into the future and redraft their fortunes, but I don't think the Seahawks would let a player with as much potential as Young get past No. 5.

Seattle was confident in Geno Smith to start the year, but that confidence has been tested, and it's easy to love the idea of Young being coached up by an all-time great leader in Pete Carroll.