Russell Wilson copied and pasted his approach with Kenny Pickett to Justin Fields

Russell Wilson isn't rocking the boat with his welcome message to Justin Fields.

Russell Wilson, Justin Fields
Russell Wilson, Justin Fields / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers reshaped their QB room over the weekend, trading Kenny Pickett in-state to the Philadelphia Eagles before acquiring Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears in a separate deal. It's a huge win for the Steelers, who received more from Philadelphia in the Pickett trade than they sent out for Fields.

When the dust settles, Russell Wilson is still expected to start the season under center for Pittsburgh. He made sure to offer a warm, diplomatic welcome to his new backup on Twitter (X).

Wilson has a history of rubbing teammates the wrong way, but the Steelers should be pleased with his outreach efforts. He's playing the part of an excellent mentor already, graciously accepting Fields under his wing. Whether you believe Wilson should start over Fields or not, this is really the only (correct) way to receive a new teammate at your position.

Thankfully, Wilson had a bit of practice before the Fields trade. He offered a similar welcoming message to Kenny Pickett before the trade, citing their need to work together and do what's best for the team.

"I got to talk to him a little bit and I just told him, 'Hey let's go out there, let's be the best version of ourselves to try to make this team better.'"

Clearly Pickett did not take the message well — he asked out. Hopefully Fields is more receptive to Wilson's overtures. It's not like he has much of a choice at this point.

Steelers' Russell Wilson pens enthusiastic welcome message to Justin Fields

Wilson will unsurprisingly get the starting nod over Fields to start the season. He is the veteran — the nine-time Pro Bowl QB tasked with returning the Steelers to prominence in the AFC North. Wilson has the experience and leadership qualities to leave a positive imprint on the Pittsburgh organization. His reputation has been sullied over the last couple years, but he is a proven winner with over a decade of NFL experience to draw from.

It shouldn't be hard for Fields to pick up on a few useful pointers. This should be good for Fields on the whole. He gets to take a step back, assess his skill set, and learn from one of the best QBs in recent memory.

Obviously, Wilson has been on a fairly sharp decline in recent years. He is only signed to a one-year deal and there's a chance for Pittsburgh to pick up Fields' $25.7 million club option for the 2025 season. So, long-term, there is incentive to get Fields on the field. If Wilson doesn't hold up his end of the bargain, we can expect Pittsburgh to make the swap.

Fields is a clean fit in Arthur Smith's offense, too. Pittsburgh wants to run the ball and spread the wealth next season. So, while Wilson is playing it smart and acting as the leader he is, there is competition brewing. If not in training camp, it's bound to pop up at some point during the season.

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