Sell the team! 4 more MLB owners who are ruining baseball

John Angelos recently sold the Baltimore Orioles. But he isn't the only owner that has played a key role in ruining baseball.

Chicago Cubs v Oakland Athletics
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1. John Fisher, Oakland A's

Out of all owners in Major League Baseball, nobody is quite as hated as Oakland Athletics owner John Fisher.

For years, Fisher has failed to spend the money to upgrade the A's roster. Not only that, but he is also leading the charge for getting the A's to move to Las Vegas.

He has made plenty of excuses for why Oakland isn't the right place for the A's to play and has essentially dragged the city and the fanbase through the mud.

Even his own players have expressed their discontent for him. Minutes after retiring, former A's pitcher Trevor May dug into Fisher on his Twitch stream and urged him to sell the team.

Clearly, Fisher is not a popular man in Oakland or throughout baseball. Oakland fans are clamoring for him to sell the team and hand the reins over to somebody who they hope will invest in their product.

Instead, the A's are headed for Vegas, leaving the City of Oakland and the fans in the dust and causing irreparable damage.

When May dug into Fisher, he was preaching to the choir and vouching for the fans in Oakland.

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