Why wouldn't Shohei Ohtani sign in New York City? Here's 3 reasons he can't say no

Shohei Ohtani would do wonders for the New York Mets or New York Yankees.

Los Angeles Angels v New York Mets
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1. The Mets and Yankees are aiming for championships

Ohtani wants to win. Jon Morosi recently reported that the West Coast preference seems to be something Ohtani would put aside for the right culture and a team in pursuit of victories.

Since coming over to MLB, Ohtani has never been to the postseason. In 2023, the Yankees and Mets both missed the playoffs. All three parties are hungry to get to the playoffs, but it doesn't stop there.

Everyone knows the Yankees consider the season a failure if it doesn't result in holding a World Series Trophy above their heads. The Mets haven't won one since 1986, and Cohen will do anything it takes to end that drought.

The Yankees are aiming to get back to their championship ways. Having Judge and Cole certainly helps, but they need more. They need more offense, and they need more pitching. Luckily, Ohtani is very good at both. Signing the 2x MVP wouldn't make them the perfect team, but they would have the two best hitters in the sport.

If the Mets were to sign Ohtani, it would bring them a lot closer to the end goal. They already attained one of the best shortstops in Lindor and one of the game's best sluggers in Pete Alonso. In addition, they also have former batting champion Jeff McNeil. Adding the best hitter in the sport to that lineup would put them up there with the best teams in the National League.

Both teams have players ready to win, but they both need more. New York is one of the biggest markets in sports, especially when the teams are winning. If Ohtani were to sign with the Mets or Yankees, it would do wonders for his career and the team.

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