3 Pittsburgh Steelers who can expose Kendrick Green on Sunday

The Houston Texans have been pleasantly surprised with Kendrick Green so far this season, but he hasn't faced a test like this Steelers defense.

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Pittsburgh Steelers face off against the Houston Texans on Sunday. While C.J. Stroud and Nico Collins will be the main focus for the Steelers defense, they will also see a familiar face in left guard Kendrick Green.

Green was traded to Houston late this offseason for some mid-round draft capital. At the time, the deal was considered a success for Pittsburgh, as the former third-round pick out of Illinois had done little to prove he deserves a starting spot in the NFL. However, the Texans have been impressed with him thus far, with Green going as far as to say Houston is using him the right way.

"I’m glad it happened. I’m glad I’m not there anymore," Green said. "I’m just looking at it as just another game, going out there to play my best. Just good that I’ll see some familiar faces on the other side. Got put in a pretty tough spot when I was there, and just think it’s fortunate the way it worked out."

Green's veiled shots at the Steelers this week were not a great look, but Pittsburgh's defense has a chance to get revenge early and often on the left side of Houston's offensive line.

Steelers who can make Kendrick Green pay: Montravius Adams

Steelers defensive tackle Montravius Adams was friends with Green when he played in Pittsburgh, so it'll be an odd situation matching up against him on Sunday. Nonetheless, Adams thinks Green holds a surprising advantage heading into this Week 4 game.

"The toughest thing is that he knows everyone on the D-Line. That's what he will share with the other offensive linemen. TJ, Alex, Larry, all their strengths. I think he will share with his O-Line to help them be in place," Adams said.

There's a difference between knowing the players and actually knowing how to stop them. That's where Pittsburgh holds the advantage, even if Green doesn't have to go up against T.J. Watt 1-on-1.