Steelers fans blast Micah Parsons for his latest TJ Watt take after DPOY snub

Pittsburgh Steelers fans aren't happy with TJ Watt's defensive player of the year snub, and blasted Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons for siding with Myles Garrett.

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Dallas Cowboys pass-rusher Micah Parsons finished third in Defensive Player of the Year voting. Unlike TJ Watt, who surprisingly did not win the award, Parsons was not salty about the results.

Parsons gave Myles Garrett his props, while also defending the writers who voted Watt second or left him off the ballot altogether. Of the three main finalists, Watt led in the following categories -- sacks, tackles, QB pressures, QB hits, tackles for loss, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, interceptions, pass deflections and defensive touchdowns.

As Parsons noted, stats don't always tell the full story. However, it's tough to deny Watt's impact on every game the Steelers played. Much like both Parsons and Garrett, opposing offenses must gameplan for Watt's every move. He always has the potential to blow up a game, and force turnovers on his lonesome.

The argument from Steelers fans and Watt defenders is not just linked to Watt's statistics, but the lack of impact from Garrett over the final third of the season. Perhaps Garrett was dealing with an injury, but that doesn't excuse the lack of production when his counterpart in Pittsburgh helped carry the Steelers to the postseason.

Steelers fans fuming over Micah Parsons defense of Myles Garrett

As for Watt himself, he has long noted that team success is far more important to him than individual accolades.

"I'm not about the individual goals anymore," Watt said in December. "I've set myself up nice where I've been having a good career but it doesn't matter if you're not winning games when they matter most. I think that's objective No. 1, for sure."

Still, it's nice to be recognized for one's efforts, something the PFWA robbed Watt of on Thursday night.

There were many more where that came from.

Garrett deserves his praise. He's one of the more elite pass rushers in the NFL and at his best can go toe-to-toe with Watt. Given the fierce nature of the Browns-Steelers rivalry, Watt's snub will only feed into the hatred these two fanbases have for each other.

Parsons gave his take, but it's questionable at best whether it's the correct opinion.

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