Steelers Reddit’s amazing Matt Canada theory would mean big changes loom

Are changes finally coming for the Pittsburgh Steelers offense? Reddit has a theory, and it could be a bad one for OC Matt Canada.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Is Matt Canada's job actually in jeopardy? Steelers reddit has a theory.

Canada was showcased on the CBS telecast after Kenny Pickett's eventual game-winning touchdown pass against the Baltimore Ravens. In the replay, Canada didn't have much of a reaction, which was rather odd given the impact Pickett's touchdown might have on his job status moving forward.

Now, look, perhaps Canada didn't see the play, or he just tries to keep it cool when he's in the coaching box. Considering what we know now, maybe the man just hates good offense. Heck, Pittsburgh ranks in the latter third of the league in most offensive categories.

Steelers reddit has a theory about Matt Canada...hear them out

Steelers reddit has a different theory entirely, and I don't totally hate it. Is it true? Unlikely. Is it a fun fan fiction? Absolutely, and they wrote it out for all to see.

So, the top comment states "That’s the look of a guy who knows he’s getting fired at that point regardless of result," which is tough to believe. Tomlin is notoriously loyal to his assistant coaches. Why would he fire Canada after a win over a division rival?

A different reddit user on u/TiredJokeAlert suggested that perhaps Canada isn't the one who called the play, which is why he's a little salty. "I'm almost positive the guy next to him is Glenn Thomas, their passing game coordinator and offensive assistant, and that he was the one calling plays in the second half. He looks way more invested in the call. Canada almost definitely didn't call it," the user wrote.

Now, that would present some trouble for Canada. Pittsburgh's offense didn't move the ball much until the fourth quarter, and their defense won them the game. On that drive specifically, the Steelers were able to score thanks to one big play -- the throw from Pickett to Pickens.

Given Canada's track record, if he did not call or direct Pickett to throw deep to Pickens (and someone else did) then it's easy to understand why he wouldn't be thrilled with the end result.

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