Was Taylor Swift smuggled into locker room via popcorn machine? Rumors are swirling

A video from Arrowhead Stadium has Taylor Swift fans wondering if the pop star pulled one of her old tricks to sneak into the Kansas City Chiefs locker room.

Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs game
Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs game / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Swift gets a ridiculous amount of attention when she's out in the wild. So she's reportedly found...creative...ways to sneak around when she wants to keep a lower profile.

Now, there's a video that has fans suggesting she pulled one of those to get into the Kansas City Chiefs locker room undetected on Sunday during her trip to Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis Kelce.

The video of a person-sized cart supposedly full of popcorn went viral and it's easy to see why.

Watch: Fans think Taylor Swift moved around Chiefs stadium in popcorn cart

Ok, we're not saying Swift was actually in the popcorn cart. But it does sound like the kind of thing she's pulled before. So we're not completely ruling it out.

The biggest evidence against Swift being shuttled around the stadium that way is that there would be no need to do that on the concourse. She was in a luxury suite and probably could have taken a more direct route to wherever she wanted to go. She's not the first celebrity to attend a game at Arrowhead. There are protocols for that.

Then again, we don't know of many other celebrities who get wheeled around in suitcases or janitorial carts the way Swift has apparently done at concerts.

It sounds just enough like a Swift thing to do to be semi-believable. And it's definitely a more entertaining idea than the alternative.

Swift's attendance at the Chiefs game was the talk of the NFL on Sunday. She even had Bill Belichick making a quip about Kelce successfully shooting his shot with her.

So what's next for Swift and Kelce? Who knows but if she really did move around in a popcorn cart on Sunday and wants to come back to Arrowhead for another game, she may need to come up with a new disguise. This one got found out quick.

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