Texans fans convinced the fix is in after astounding no-call on Ravens 4th down

You're not usually allowed to tackle the tackler.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and Ronnie Stanley
Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and Ronnie Stanley / Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans hoped to secure their first AFC Championship Game appearance in franchise history on Saturday but they needed to pull off an upset against the Baltimore Ravens first.

At times, fans felt like they were watching a game with the Texans versus the Ravens and the refs.

While every game in the NFL features questionable calls, there was one that stood out as particularly egregious and meaningful.

Questionable no-call had Texans fans frustrated with refs vs. Ravens

In the third quarter, the Ravens faced a fourth-and-short. Lamar Jackson kept the ball and ran left with Ronnie Stanley running out in front as a blocker. Then Stanley literally tackled a defender.

The Ravens would have gotten the first down either way, since Jackson was already across the line to gain. However, a 15-yard penalty would have pushed Baltimore back on the other side of the 50-yard line. They instead continued their drive from the Houston 34-yard line and went on to cap the drive with a touchdown.

That wasn't the only call Texans fans had reason to complain about. Another fourth-and-short was controversial in the second quarter because of what happened two plays earlier. On second-and-three, Devin Singletary rolled over the top of a defender across the line to gain. However, refs ruled him a yard short. When Singletary was stuffed on the next play, Houston was forced to punt.

Texans fans were not happy about the officiating.

Early in the fourth quarter, the disparity in penalties was noteworthy. The Texans had nine penalties for 55 yards. The Ravens had three penalties for 15 yards.

As frustrating as the penalty issues were, the Texans simply couldn't get their offense going against Baltimore's defense. Their only touchdown in the first 45 minutes of play was a punt return by Steven Sims. They settled for two field goals and made one of them.

That was enough to keep them in the game going into the second half but Houston needed more to overcome the Ravens...and the refs.

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