Texas A&M optimism takes a big hit with the latest injury update

Texas A&M has seen the offense take a step forward, but the latest on Conner Weigman after his injury seems like a big bucket of cold water for the Aggies.

Auburn v Texas A&M
Auburn v Texas A&M / Logan Riely/GettyImages

According to the university, Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Conner Weigman will miss the rest of the season. This comes after the team was able to start the year with a 3-1 record with their only loss coming against a solid Miami team.

Even if Weigman was healthy, this is not a team that was gonna win 9+ games this season. Still, the offense was a lot better than it was last year and it seemed like Jimbo Fisher, with the addition of Bobby Petrino, had the squad on a much better track than last season when the Aggies only managed five wins.

The Aggies seemed clearly on a path to bowl eligibility and 6+ wins for the 2023 season. With Weigman, who took a step forward from last year, now out, however, what's next for Texas A&M?

Texas A&M: Where does Aggies offense go without Conner Weigman

Texas A&M's offense could potentially struggle as Max Johnson takes over for Weigman at quarterback. Amari Daniels may be able to get something out of the running game but there's a possibility it won't be enough to run through the SEC.

Games against Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU look daunting with a second-string quarterback helming the offense. A&M likely would've been underdogs in all four and for sure three of those matchups with Weigman. Without him, it's a much taller order. With a near-sure win against Abilene Christian on the schedule, though, they need to find two more wins to still make a bowl game.

South Carolina's weakness at the offensive line could allow the Aggies to win but it's hard to see a way for Texas A&M to get that sixth win.

Mississippi State and Arkansas are the two clear coin-flip games in this. However, if the Texas A&M offense takes a step back with Johnson as the starter, then the Aggies could be in danger. Drop both of those games, and the boosters in College Station could be again considering paying Fisher's outrageous buyout.

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