Tiger Woods tracker, The Masters Round 4: Shot tracker, hole-by-hole live score updates

Keep up with Tiger Woods' final round at The Masters!
The Masters - Final Round
The Masters - Final Round / Andrew Redington/GettyImages

Another edition of The Masters is about to close up shop, and Tiger Woods will be finishing up his trip to Augusta National Golf Club much sooner than the rest of the field who made the cut. After an incredible first two rounds that saw him at T22 entering the weekend at just 2-over, things got away from Tiger a little bit on Saturday to set up an early Sunday.

Woods shot a disappointing 10-over 82 on Saturday at The Masters, a round in which he seemed like he was in a fair amount of pain at multiple points. He fought through, however, and actually pulled it together somewhat at various points with gutty par putts. Even still, it was an unfortunate round that led to a bit of an anticlimactic Sunday in the red shirt for the Big Cat.

With Tiger falling down the leaderboard and ending the round outside of the Top 50, he teed at off at 9:35 a.m. ET on Sunday for the final round of The Masters, nearly 20 strokes behind Scottie Scheffler and the leaders at Augusta National.

But paired with amateur Neal Shipley for Sunday at The Masters, we're all hoping for one last flourish from Tiger to finish up this major championship. Follow along with our Tiger tracker as we keep up with his score, update hole-by-hole and shot-by-shot and provide some commentary for his fourth round.

Tiger Shot Tracker, The Masters Round 4: Hole-by-hole results

Hole 1 (Par 4, 445 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Strong start. Hits a nice little drive that curled nicely down to the left side of the fairway. Just 179 yards into the hole, though it could be a slightly tough angle.
  • Shot 2: The approach lands on the green but the glassy surface and undulations kicked it off to the left side of the green. Little pitch left to save birdie.
  • Shot 3: Nifty little pitch took a look at the hole but went just off the edge. Should be an easy tap-in for par.
  • Shot 4: Nice start. Par (Round 4: E | Tournament: +11)

Hole 2 (Par 5, 585 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Big drive! Tiger took it 295 yards on the carry and got a huge bounce down the hill to give him a great look to get on the green in two.
  • Shot 2: Oh yeah! He knew it was good off the club face, lands on the front of the green and begins taking the slop and trickling back toward the back-right hole location.
  • Shot 3: 24 feet for eagle and it's a tentative stroke. Doesn't get there but short one left for birdie.
  • Shot 4: Easy in and we're cooking. Birdie (Round 4: -1 | Tournament: +10)

Hole 3 (Par 4, 350 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Goodness, he tattooed this drive. It almost rolled up onto the green with the juice Tiger had on this one, but it didn't make it up the hill and rolled down to the left gathering area.
  • Shot 2: Tried to get a little too cute with it and it doesn't get over the last part of the hill, rolls back down further to his left.
  • Shot 3: Almost made up for it by holing it, but again runs by the hole on the edge. A good 10 feet still left to save his par.
  • Shot 4: Another putt that was just a bit too tentative. Right break, wrong speed.
  • Shot 5: Bogey (Round 4: E | Tournament: +11)

Hole 4 (Par 3, 240 Yards)

  • Shot 1: The aggression is there early. Tiger went at it a little bit with a back pin, found the green with 24 feet to the hole from the left.
  • Shot 2: Good putt that just came up a couple of feet short. Should be easily makeable for par.
  • Shot 3: We're in. Par (Round 4: E | Tournament: +11)

Hole 5 (Par 4, 495 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Not good at all. Yanks the drive well right and what looked to be deep in the trees.
  • Shot 2: Penalty. Drive was out of bounds and Tiger had to cart back to the tee box to re-tee and hit his third shot.
  • Shot 3: Hits the shot he was clearly trying to on his first attempt and it comes down at a good angle on the left side of the fairway.
  • Shot 4: Found the very front right edge of the green, but left with a brutal uphill-then-downhill putt for bogey.
  • Shot 5: Indeed a gnarly putt that trickles down forever. Still 6-8 feet left for double.
  • Shot 6: Honestly thought this was in but didn't break enough and barely misses on the high side.
  • Shot 7: Triple Bogey (Round 4: +3 | Tournament: +14)

Hole 6 (Par 3, 187 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Seemed like he could've used more club there, comes up right and short, left with a difficult pitch.
  • Shot 2: Great little shot, gets it to stop below the hole with a makeable 5-8-footer for par.
  • Shot 3: Pulled it and knew it immediately.
  • Shot 4: Comebacker falls. Bogey (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hole 7 (Par 4, 450 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Pulls out the 3-wood and hits a beautiful laser working from left to right that ends up in the fairway.
  • Shot 2: Not what he was looking for. He hated it immediately and left it short in the front-right bunker.
  • Shot 3: Great bunker shot from Woods. Lands just outside the bunker and runs right at the hole. Just misses but just a couple feet left for par.
  • Shot 4: Nice make and save. Par (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hole 8 (Par 5, 570 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Played it a bit too far out to the right and is going to be blocked by some trees on his second shot from 285 yards out. Definite sort of layup coming.
  • Shot 2: Honestly more aggressive than I thought he could be. Slung it up there to the right fairway next to the green. Should be able to set himself up for a solid birdie putt.
  • Shot 3: Not his best work. Leaves it well, well short with a long putt for birdie still left.
  • Shot 4: Good lag putt, easy work for par.
  • Shot 5: In. Par (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hole 9 (Par 4, 460 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Long drive but it leaks a little right and finds the pine straw. Might have some tree trouble to contend with.
  • Shot 2: Had to hit a low one to get it up close and did a solid job. Right edge of the green, left a pretty manageable chip to save par.
  • Shot 3: Well executed and just 6 feet left for par.
  • Shot 4: Right in the heart. Great save. Par (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hole 10 (Par 4, 495 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Big drive to start this back nine. 155 yards in from the left fairway.
  • Shot 2: Takes advantage of that awesome position, hits a saucy approach that leaves him with a good 11-foot look for birdie.
  • Shot 3: Just needed a bit more juice as it comes up a revolution or two short.
  • Shot 4: Par (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hole 11 (Par 4, 520 Yards)

  • Shot 1: He might have found a little extra juice with the driver, blasting one 327 yards to the middle of the fairway with 190 left to the hole.
  • Shot 2: Finds the green with about 45 feet or so remaining for his birdie.
  • Shot 3: Great read on the pace with a fast putt, but hung it out too far to his left.
  • Shot 4: Tap-in. Par (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hole 12 (Par 3, 159 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Just barely clears the front bunker and leaves a long birdie putt, but safe is always better than not on No. 12.
  • Shot 2: Great shot, leaves just 3 feet left for the par save.
  • Shot 3: Well played. Par (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hole 13 (Par 5, 545 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Not his best tee shot but caught a good break. It was bleeding right but rather than bounding into the trees and pine straw, it checked up and stayed in the fairway. Still a likely layup forthcoming.
  • Shot 2: Indeed left it short of Ray's Creek purposefully, giving an 83-yard approach shot on deck.
  • Shot 3: Decent shot but still 16 feet left for birdie.
  • Shot 4: Close, but another roll that came up short.
  • Shot 5: Par (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hole 14 (Par 4, 440 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Nice drive to the right side of the fairway that should set up a good angle to the hole from 156 yards in.
  • Shot 2: Again, not his best work. Left it toward the front of the green and a long birdie putt that feels unlikely.
  • Shot 3: Great roll that was so close to curling in.
  • Shot 4: Tap-in. Par (Round 4: +4 | Tournament: +15)

Hol 15 (Par 5, 550 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Definitely laid back a bit again but split the fairway with a 261-yard shot. Still 275 yards in, so we'll see how Tiger decides to attack.
  • Shot 2: Just a layup from the top of the hill. Hits it down to the left side at the end of the fairway to set up a hopefully good approach.
  • Shot 3: Went right at it with an aggressive pitch, but it took a huge hop and went just over the back of the green.
  • Shot 4: Played a nifty little soft chip that was better than the result. It didn't break right as it probably should've. Still a good 8-10 feet for par.
  • Shot 5: Left another short.
  • Shot 6: Bogey (Round 4: +5 | Tournament: +16)

Hole 16 (Par 3, 176 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Tried to get after it and left it short in the bunker, short-sided. Going to be a tough, tough up-and-down.
  • Shot 2: Almost magic. Played it up into the famed slope and it ran back down just a few inches outside the hole to leave an easy tap-in.
  • Shot 3: Par (Round 4: +5 | Tournament: +16)

Hole 17 (Par 4, 440 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Another good drive as he cuts this one right-to-left and finds the fairway.
  • Shot 2: Solid approach but not the best as it misses the green to the back right.
  • Shot 3: Left the chip short and will have a tester to save the par.
  • Shot 4: Knocks in the 6-footer. Par (Round 4: +5 | Tournament: +16)

Hole 18 (Par 4, 465 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Nice final drive at this year's Masters, melts one through the shoot with the cut and finds the fairway.
  • Shot 2: Just a hair short of the right plateau, lands on the green but then rolls back off of the green.
  • Shot 3: Crowd was ready to erupt as Tiger hit a beautiful chip that flirted with the hole. Just a tap-in left and a ton of appreciation from the patrons to be had.
  • Shot 4: We're done here. Always special to see Tiger out here. Par (Round 4: +5 | Tournament: +16)