Check mate: Tom Brady's former teammate has surprising admission about Patrick Mahomes

Even some of Tom Brady's former teammates with the New England Patriots think Patrick Mahomes has the edge so far.

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The GOAT debate isn't going away anytime soon. After six NFL seasons, Patrick Mahomes has three Super Bowls with the Kansas City Chiefs, prompting intrigue from some in the football community if he's the actual greatest quarterback of all-time.

Brady still has the statistical edge over all, of course, but if Mahomes dropped everything today he'd still be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and classic what-if phenomenon. Even TB12's own former teammates think that Mahomes could be the better player when all is said and done.

On ESPN's Postseason NFL Countdown, Teddy Bruschi went as far as to say that Mahomes has played far better than Brady in his first six seasons, specifically. Bruschi was careful to mind his words, as he was not saying that Mahomes would have a better career than Brady, who eventually developed into the greatest quarterback of his generation and of all-time.

In 2001, when Brady won his first Super Bowl, he was responsible for only one playoff touchdown through the air. Mahomes has carried his teams to titles and won multiple MVPs. He hit the ground running, but will Mahomes body of work add up?

Will Patrick Mahomes surpass Tom Brady as the GOAT?

As FanSided's Kinnu Singh wrote about this very topic, for Mahomes to actually top Brady as the greatest player at the position, he will have to maintain his greatness for more than a decent-sized window:

"The greatest quarterback in NFL history maintained a stranglehold over the NFL for decades...To break many of Brady's records, Mahomes will have to maintain his greatness for much longer than six years. He'll have to adapt to the ebbs and flows that come with a long career. There will be roster turnover, coaching changes, personnel adjustments, new schematic trends, injuries and — the most inevitable of them all — Father Time."

Longevity is the key here. We can already point to Mahomes as arguably the most-talented quarterback ever at his peak, but by no means does that make him the greatest. Those are two vastly different conversations, the latter of which Brady has a clear edge in at this point in time.