Travis Kelce's powerful Chiefs pregame speech literally brought teammates to tears

Travis Kelce delivered a speech that will have Chiefs players and fans alike fired up for Sunday night's Super Bowl.

Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs
Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

If there's ever a time to reach deep into the emotional bucket for professional football players, it's Super Bowl weekend. This one game is for all the marbles, and one team is going to be left walking off the field feeling like an incredible season was all for naught. The other will take all the spoils and be champions for a year.

In the case of the Kansas City Chiefs' case, it could be two years, as they look to be the first team to defend a title successfully in two decades. They would join an elite list.

To motivate as the team geared up from its hotel in Lake Las Vegas, about 45-50 minutes outside of the hotel strip area of the city, team tight end and superstar Travis Kelce gave a speech. According to reports, it was remarkably moving.

Travis Kelce moves his teammates to tears in pre-Super Bowl speech

Albert Breer reported that on Saturday night, Andy Reid had a trio of key players address the team: Patrick Mahomes, Chris Jones, and Travis Kelce. Breer reports that, "All were great. Kelce particularly so— 'Unbelievable' and 'powerful', according to people in the room, to the point where some teammates were moved to tears."

One coach told Breer it was, "the best speech," he ever heard.

Chiefs fans can only hope there were some behind the scenes cameras in the room, and that the speech will bbehind-the-scenese one of those clips that comes out after and plays well in retrospect.

Kelce has given several memorable speeches publicly, typically of the celebratory variety, though. It's surely not hard to imagine the star tight end finding something to say that gives his teammates something a little extra to play for -- in addition to the promise of a return to Vegas to party -- on Sunday.

No doubt the Niners are doing similar things to pump up and motivate on their side ahead of the game, which kicks off tonight.

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