Utah NHL team releases official list of potential names: Ranking all the options

The NHL approved the sale and move of the Arizona Coyotes to Utah but has not yet approved a name for the franchise. They did, however, release a list of 20 possibilities in which hockey fans can have their say.
NHL Grants Arizona Coyotes Sale And Relocation To Utah
NHL Grants Arizona Coyotes Sale And Relocation To Utah / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

RIP to the Arizona Coyotes (and one of the best hockey logos), NHL hockey in the desert is no more. A relocated Winnipeg Jets team took over the Phoenix metropolitan area in 1996 and the Phoenix Coyotes were born. In 2014 the team name was changed to the Arizona Coyotes and the rest is history.

The National Hockey League approved the relocation of the Coyotes to Utah and now it is up to us, the fans, to have our say in the team name (this is really fun). "Utah's NHL team is for the community and will be named with help from the community," says the opening line from the survey (in partnership with Qualtrics) that is out on the internet for fans to vote for their favorite names (you can select your favorite four out of the 20 options). The first round of voting will last until May 22!

During the inaugural 2024-25 season, the team will wear jerseys that say UTAH across the front. The decided-upon team name, jerseys, and more will be available for the 2025-26 campaign.

Below is my ranking of the team name possibilities, starting with my least favorite at the top:

20. Utah HC
19. Utah Powder
18. Utah Freeze
17. Utah Ice
16. Utah Frost
15. Utah Hive
14. Utah Squall
13. Utah Blizzard
12. Utah Venom
11. Utah Canyons
10. Utah Glaciers
9. Utah Blast
8. Utah Mountaineers
7. Utah Mammoth
6. Utah Fury
5. Utah Black Diamonds
4. Utah Outlaws
3. Utah Caribou
2. Utah Swarm
1. Utah Yeti

Which team name tops your lists and gets your vote?

Ed. Note — The fact that FanSided's logo and mascot is a Yeti named Everest in no way influenced the rankings in this post. Yetis are just really cool.

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