Vikings fans desperately crying for QB5 after terrible Nick Mullens INT

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Nick Mullens threw what may be the worst interception of the season. Fans want him benched for...whoever else is left.

Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

If you've ever wanted to know why quarterbacks would rather take an easy sack than throw it away innocently to the turf, boy do I have a clip to show you. As the Minnesota Vikings battle the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday, they are down to their fourth quarterback option in Nick Mullens.

Now, poor Mullens likely didn't expect to be starting at this point in his career. Yet, with a possible playoff spot on the line, he's been tasked with finding a way to win on the road in Cincinnati.

Mullens was nearly sacked by defensive lineman BJ Hill. Rather than take the sack, Mullens threw the ball as he was being dragged to the turf. Unfortunately for the Vikings, the football was thrown right into Hill's gut, and was intercepted.

While Minnesota doesn't have a ton of options, one might think that would be the last straw for Mullens. The Vikings led 7-3 in a sloppy game at halftime. They can ill-afford more turnovers, and Minnesota fans are calling for rookie backup Jaren Hall.

Will the Vikings bench Nick Mullens for Jaren Hall?

With Kevin O'Connell keeping one-time Vikings hero Josh Dobbs far, far away from this game, Hall would be next man up for the Vikings. Fans have seen enough to know that if Mullens is kept in Minnesota's Week 15 contest, there's a chance they can lose out on an otherwise necessary victory.

The tweets are gold, and worth a look.

While Hall technically isn't QB5, as he's been on the roster all season and likely would have received an opportunity once Kirk Cousins was hurt if not for an injury of his own, one has to wonder if O'Connell would prefer to give the veteran Mullens a chance to finish out this game. Playing a rookie with little time to prepare doesn't sound like it would go well, but what do I know?