Vikings just got vote of confidence from their most important player on path forward

Maybe Justin Jefferson is okay with the Minnesota Vikings moving on from Kirk Cousins after all?
Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings
Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages

Well on his way towards an illustrious career in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings let Justin Jefferson's beloved quarterback Kirk Cousins walk in his NFL free agency. Cousins signed with his adopted hometown's (by way of marriage) Atlanta Falcons. Jefferson became a top-five receiver in the game today based on his rapport with Cousins. He built one with him after building one with Joe Burrow.

While Jefferson was not the least bit thrilled about losing Cousins to free agency, he does seem to have an open mind as to what the Vikings are doing to address such a devastating loss at the quarterback position. For now, he will catch passes from the erratic Sam Darnold, but in the future, those balls may be coming off the hand of any number of first-round candidates. He seems intrigued.

Here is what The Athletic's Alec Lewis said on KFAN about Jefferson's awareness of the situation.

“I also think Justin is well aware of the business dynamics, roster building, and I think he’s aware of what they can potentially do with the new [QB]. And I think part of that excites him for sure.”

Minnesota could take any number of quarterbacks in the first round, possibly trade up for one, too.

To me, Jefferson's cooperation in all this hinges entirely on Kwesi Adofo-Mensah's grandiose plan.

Justin Jefferson seems to be on board with Minnesota Vikings' QB plan

At some point, Adofo-Mensah's meddling ways are either going to catch up with him, or make him out to be a genius. Just because a kid likes to blow stuff up doesn't mean he's earning a medal at a middle school science fair. He may just be one of Gryffindor's can't-get-right's in Seamus Finnigan. Regardless of what house you were sorted into, Jefferson might have the opportunity to switch his.

Truth be told, for as much as I like pretty much all of the potential first-round quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft, someone is going to bust, and he will bust hard. Although I have my suspicions as to who that may be, I honestly have no idea. I thought Darnold was never going to bust, and he sure did. I also thought highly of Josh Rosen in the same draft. He was even worse! Most of us missed on Josh Allen.

What is important to understand in all this is Jefferson may be on a pathway toward Canton, but he could be deviated from it with lackluster quarterback play coming into Minnesota. Cousins is one of the most accurate passers of his generation, and may never get the credit he fully deserves. It all comes down to who the Vikings draft. If Jefferson jives with him, he may have a reason to stay put.

Conversely, drafting the next Christian Ponder will ensure Jefferson is getting out of dodge ASAP.

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