What do the Miami Heat do after missing out on Damian Lillard?

The Miami Heat spent a good chunk of the offseason waiting on a Damian Lillard trade that never worked out. What do they do next?

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After the Bucks traded for Damian Lillard, it's unclear what the Miami Heat will do going forward. Miami expected to get the All-NBA player but a deal ended up not happening between the two sides. The Heat now have Tyler Herro who is most likely angry about being shopped for Lillard all offseason. The most likely move is the Heat ended up trying to take a stab at acquiring Jrue Holiday.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, it seems like the Trail Blazers have no intention of keeping Holiday and will move him in the coming days after the trade becomes official. Holiday could be an attractive alternative for Miami.

Is it a smart move for the Miami Heat to trade for Jrue Holiday after missing on Damian Lillard?

Trading for Jrue Holiday will not really help the Miami Heat. They need a player who is an elite self-creator on the offensive end. Holiday is not one of those guys, still, he is a great ball-handler and can create for others on the offensive end. Other teams could be a lot more aggressive for the point guard.

Still, the Heat could use him and can easily match his salary using Kyle Lowry, Caleb Martin and a first-round pick, which might be a fair deal for both sides. Offering Tyler Herro makes zero sense due to the fact that the Trail Blazers clearly have no interest in him.

A team like the Philadelphia Sixers could end up taking Holiday away from the Miami Heat. The Sixers have their own mess to figure out in the coming days with James Harden. Still, if they are able to get a done so they could turn those assets into Holiday in the coming days. The Sixers' interest in Holiday has been reported by Kyle Neubeck of the Philly Sixers.

The combo defensive guard would be a great fit with the Sixers in a post-James Harden world. Assuming that the team ends up trading Harden to the Clippers at some point this season, they will most likely get expiring contracts and one or two first-round picks in a deal from them.

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