Who sings the new Monday Night Football song, In the Air Tonight?

ESPN will debut a new theme song for Monday Night Football, and it's called "In the Air Tonight." Here's who is performing the new song.
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The first edition of ESPN Monday Night Football of the 2023 season took place on Sept. 11, where the New York Jets defeated the Buffalo Bills on a walk-off punt return touchdown in overtime. For Week 2, ESPN is going all out, as they will broadcast not one, but two games -- the Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Prior to the kickoff of both games, ESPN announced that there will be a new theme song for Monday Night Football, and it's called "In the Air Tonight." Fans are probably wondering if this is the original song, but that's not the case. Instead, it's a cover featuring some big names.

Here is everything you need to know about the new theme song for Monday Night Football.

Who sings the new Monday Night Football song, 'In the Air Tonight?'

"In the Air Tonight" will be covered by eight-time Grammy Award winner Chris Stapleton, rapper and actor Snoop Dogg, and rock and jazz drummer Cindy Blackman Santana.

 "The new Monday Night Football anthem is comprised of Chris Stapleton covering Collins’ lyrics, with Snoop Dogg, in his signature style adding football-centric verses, Cindy Blackman Santana, a powerhouse on the drums, rocking the song’s iconic drum break and brings her own style and accents to this classic song," the ESPN press release reads. "The show open will include NFL stars, game highlights and dramatic moments intercut with dramatic performances from all three artists.  ESPN’s Creative Content Unit produced the open in conjunction with the musical trio and Grammy-award winning record producer Dave Cobb."

Stapleton sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl 57 last season, where the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.

Snoop Dogg performed at the halftime show of Super Bowl 56 alongside Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar.

Who originally sings In the Air Tonight?

"In the Air Tonight" was originally sung by Phil Collins. The single was released back in 1981 and gained popularity as a pop culture hit. After all, it does have the famous drum solo ahead of the final verse.

It was used in the very first episode of the hit television series Miami Vice and the 2008 comedy film The Hangover (sung by boxer Mike Tyson).

Who used to sing the Monday Night Football song?

This is the first time Monday Night Football will have a theme song (vocally) since 2021. From 2020 until 2021, ESPN used a re-recorded version of "Rip it Up" by Little Richard, featuring Butcher Brown.

"All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night," by Hank Williams Jr. The song was used from 1989 until 2011 when the song was pulled after William's controversial comments about then-President of the United States Barack Obama. In 2017, ESPN brought the song back but opted to go in a different direction after the 2019 season.

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