Will Taylor Swift be at the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade?

Taylor Swift dominated NFL headlines throughout the 2023 NFL season. With the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LVIII, fans will look for Swift's attendance at the Super Bowl parade.

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The 2023 NFL season was a unique one. Perhaps for the first time since the days of "Broadway Joe" Namath, the NFL world became intertwined with pop culture. Fans of singer Taylor Swift barged into the world of football after the pop star attended a game at Arrowhead Stadium in September. Swift, who has been dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, helped increase female viewership by roughly 11 percent this season, according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The league's focus on Swift drew ire from those who revere the football field as hallowed ground, but that focus is only bound to grow larger after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. The Chiefs have now won three Super Bowls in the past five seasons, cementing their place in the annals of football history as an NFL dynasty.

The Chiefs dynasty will be celebrated with a Super Bowl parade in Kansas City, which poses one burning question: Will Swift be in attendance?

Will Taylor Swift attend the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade?

While Swift has not announced whether she plans to attend the celebration in Kansas City, it would be fair to assume that she'll be there after all the effort it took her to even attend the Super Bowl.

There were doubts about whether Swift would be able to attend Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. Swift, who recently resumed her international Eras Tour, had her most recent performance on Saturday night in Tokyo — a 13-hour flight away from Sunday's championship game. Thanks in large part to time zones and private jets, she was able to attend the game.

She'll likely have to jump through less hurdles to attend the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade. Coincidentally, Swift's next performance on the Eras Tour isn't scheduled to take place until Friday, Feb. 16.

A date for Kansas City's Super Bowl parade has not been confirmed, but recent history suggests that the parade will march from Grand Boulevard to Union Square in Kansas City on the Wednesday following the game. After Super Bowl LIV, the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade marched through Kansas City on Wednesday, Feb. 5. Following Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles, the team held their parade on Wednesday, Feb, 15.

If Kansas City follows the same tradition, it would mean their parade would fall on Wednesday, Feb. 14 — which, notably, is also Valentine's Day. It's tough to imagine that Swift and Kelce wouldn't be together on that day regardless of the parade.

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