Is Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl for Chiefs-49ers?

The Swifties want to know!

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift
American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift was the talk of the NFL this past fall, but accusations that it was a publicity stunt and wouldn't last abound.

Well, Swift and Kelce not only made it to 2024 — looking more in love than ever if the scenes after the AFC Championship Game were anything to go on — but the Kansas City Chiefs also made it to the Super Bowl, against the odds.

But did Swift herself make it to the Super Bowl?

Is Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl for Chiefs-49ers?

As of this publishing, the honest answer is we don't know. We're just betting on her being there. She has gone to every other Chiefs playoff game, including games in freezing Kansas City, snowy Buffalo and rainy Baltimore.

UPDATE, Sunday morning: Swift is reported to have landed at LAX on Saturday from Japan, and is making the trip from there to Las Vegas to make the game.

UPDATE, Sunday afternoon: Swift is in the building, folks!

It would be more shocking for Swift to miss the game than for her to be there rooting on her boyfriend, even with the logistical challenges. It feels destined to be.

Swift was in Japan this weekend for the Tokyo leg of her Eras Tour. With a show in Tokyo on Saturday night, some have wondered if the singer-songwriter could even make it to Las Vegas in time.

Well, thanks to the magic of time zones and private jets, Swift shouldn't have any issues with timing. She finished her set on Saturday night in Tokyo but Japan is 17 hours ahead of Vegas. So she could have been on a plane back to the U.S. by Saturday morning Pacific time.

From there, flight time would be 12 hours. So Swift could have touched down in Vegas on Saturday night, as wibbly, wobbly, timey wimey as that may feel.

Regardless of when she got in to the City of Sin, we do expect her to be on the ground for the Super Bowl festivites. It's just a waiting game for confirmation that Swift in in the building.

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