Wingman of the Year: Patrick Mahomes helped Travis Kelce impress Taylor Swift

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is well on his way to winning two awards this year: NFL MVP and Wingman of the Year.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

You might have heard that Taylor Swift was at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. If so, you're probably in one of two camps: the "Why do they keep showing that woman's face" camp, or the "OMGGGGG TAY TAY" camp.

If you're in the latter, the following news may interest you. Amid the rampant rumors that Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is dating the mega pop star, Kelce may have gotten a little help wooing Swift from his one and only wingman: Patrick Mahomes.

The Maverick to Goose (C'mon, the mustaches are just too similar) caught wind that Swift was at Arrowhead to watch the Chiefs-Bears game, and he did his homie a favor.

Mahomes threw for 272 yards and three touchdowns on the day, one touchdown of which was a short-yardage pass to Kelce in the third quarter. Kansas City was already up a billion and Mahomes probably should not have been playing the second half, yet the wingman in him knew he couldn't leave the field without fulfilling his "bro" duty to Kelce.

Patrick Mahomes is the ultimate wingman as Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift rumors take flight

Mahomes talked after the game about setting Kelce up for the touchdown:

Kelce finished the game with seven catches for 69 yards and one score, returning to his rightful role as the Chiefs' most reliable pass-catcher. After missing Week 1 due to a knee issue, the star tight end appears to be thriving -- both on and off the field (wink, wink).

The Kelce-Swift dating rumors started early this season ever since Kelce joked he tried to give Swift his phone number at the Eras Tour. Seeing Swift, an alleged Eagles fan, seated next to Mama Kelce in the VIP lounge only threw more kerosene on those rumors. At this point, the fire is blazing re-eh-eh-ed, re-eh-eh-ed.

It just so happened that Swift watched the Chiefs' most impressive offensive display of the season so far in a 41-10 rout of the Bears. Isiah Pacheco, Jerick McKinnon, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire all got on the scoreboard, but with Swift in the stands, there was at least one glittering set of eyes on Travis Kelce's performance.

Mahomes proved to be the ultimate wingman in finding Kelce for the score -- God knows how many times Kelce has helped bail Mahomes out on clutch plays in their time together.

The Chiefs-Swiftie crossover was not on our bingo card in 2023, but.... we don't hate it? Romance is real. So, too, is Mahomes and Kelce's bromance.

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