Yankees: An umpire finally figured out how to silence Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone has been getting into some heated arguments in 2023 with umpires, but one ump figured out how to make him completely silent.
New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers
New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone has been ejected six times thus far into the 2023 season. He has been creating comedy in his ejections that make everyone at home laugh.

In the most recent event on Tuesday night against the Blue Jays, he was chirping at the umpire. But the ump flipped the script on the Yankees skipper, making Boone go completely silent after he said, 'You say something? I hope not."

Boone's facial reaction thereafter was completely priceless.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone left speechless by umpire

The Yankees are currently having their worst season with Boone as manager. As frustrations rise, Boone has been chirping at umpires more than ever as the club is on track to miss the postseason for the first time under his management.

Earlier this season, Boone was ejected after a lengthy conversation with umpire Laz Diaz, which ended with the manager drawing a line in the dirt and calling a strike three.

After recent events of managers getting upset with the inconsistent strike zones, many are continuing to call for Robot Umpires to be added soon.

Per ESPN, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said, "The automatic ball-strike system (ABS) being used in Triple-A is not likely to be used in the big leagues in 2024." He added, "I think there's some sentiment among the group that we may have made a lot of changes here," and later said, "We ought to let the dust settle, and there are clearly unresolved operational issues with respect to ABS. Despite all the testing, we still have some things that are unresolved."

This event with Boone comes eight days after Pirates third baseman Ke'Bryan Hayes called for robot umpires after Bill Miller, who was the home plate umpire, called a strike on a pitch way outside the strike zone even after Hayes started to walk to first base thinking it was a walk. On the next pitch, Hayes struck out.

If we go to the Robot Umps, though, who will Aaron Boone have to argue with?

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