Zach LaVine sounds completely fed up with the Chicago Bulls

Another day, another Zach LaVine update that makes it seem like he and the Chicago Bulls are headed for an ugly breakup.
Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls
Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

In videos shared by Darnell Mayberry, it sure seems like Zach LaVine is done with the Chicago Bulls. In a postgame conference, the All-Star said that the team's performance was "bad". He further spoke about how the team wasn't able to play defense. To be quite honest in any other circumstance, this quote would just be taken as a player upset with their team's performance and not him wanting out.

But he was also asked about how he was handling his name popping up in trade rumors again and he seemed completely resigned to what was coming.

Still, with the context around the situation, it seems like Zach LaVine is done with the Chicago Bulls.

In all reality, anything that LaVine does or says that isn't scoring 50 points for the Bulls or saying I love the Bulls will look like he wants to leave the team. The question will be whether any team takes on his long-term contract for his scoring ability.

What team could end up giving up assets for Zach LaVine?

Because LaVine's contract will most likely be overpaid in the last three years of the deal, some teams might be scared off trading for the scoring machine. LaVine isn't perfect by any means, already appears to be regressing with age and injury and was never a very strong defender. A team like the Lakers or Heat could end up trading a bear-bones trade package that gives back only one first-round pick or matching contracts instead of young players.

But however this ends, it's unlikely that LaVine or the Bulls love the solution.

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