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Tom Golisano to bid on Buffalo Bills

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The Buffalo Bills will be fervently searching for an owner this summer and one of the top names to crop up is one familiar to Buffalo sports fans. Current billionaire and former owner of the Buffalo Sabres, Tom Golisano, is rumored to be very interested in bidding on the Bills. This would immediately make him a top contender for the franchise because A) Golisano is worth billions and B) Golisano would aim to keep the team in Buffalo.

Of course, all isn’t sunshine and flowers with a Golisano bid. Many Sabres fans still harbor bitter memories from the Golisano Era, even though he essentially saved the Sabres from bankruptcy and provided the organization with financial stability. Golisano was known for being somewhat tight with the purse strings when the Sabres were on the cusp of championship contention, and management may have cost the team a few years of having a real shot at the Stanley Cup after they let both team captains leave town in 2007. The Bills haven’t had to worry about such things for a while, but fans don’t just want a football team in town; they want a good football team in town.

If Golisano purchases the Bills then quickly limits their ability to compete by not doling out competitive contracts, well, that won’t be much different from now, BUT at least the team would be in Buffalo. Fans can say what they want about Golisano’s ownership, but he did the most important part of that job admirably.

Over ten years ago, Tom Golisano saved hockey in Buffalo. Now, we may hear in a matter of months that he’s ready to save football there as well.

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