Roger Goodell admits he 'didn't get it right' with Ray Rice suspension

The NFL made a grave error earlier this year when they suspended Pro Bowl Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for only two games stemming from an incident where a video camera caught him moments after knocking out his then fiancee and dragging her from a casino elevator unconscious.

The suspension levied against Rice showed a carelessness by the NFL in regards to their personnel engaging in domestic violence. Although NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated that Rice’s conduct was unquestionably inconsistent with league policies and standard of behavior”, the suspension seemingly did not fit the action. 

Pundits and fans alike bemoaned the lenient suspension, especially considering players being suspended for four games left and right for smoking marijuana.

Needless to say, the NFL needed to make a change and quickly. They did so today when it was announced that the NFL will begin a new domestic violence policy:

Also included in the new policy was a letter from Roger Goodell to the owners of NFL teams across the nation in which he stated that he got the Ray Rice suspension wrong:

After all this time Goodell finally acknowledged that he handled the Ray Rice situation and suspension poorly. Hopefully moving forward with their new policy, the NFL will prove that they have zero tolerance for domestic violence.

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