World Cup 2014: Steven Gerrard says he can play with Frank Lampard for England


The 2014 World Cup Brazil is just weeks away, an the England squad is looking to have a solid and deep run in the tournament. They might not be listed amongst the “favorites” but they have the sixth best odds to win the trophy according to Bovada.

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One of the biggest concerns of the English squad comes in the midfield with a pair of veterans: Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. The debate in England rages on about whether the two can play together, citing their similar styles as a conflict when they’re both on the pitch. Essentially they both play the same role so they don’t click, but they have considerable experience playing along side one another.

Gerrard said they can adapt and play together.

“Gerrard and Lampard, is no bored of that one yet?” Gerrard asked, via Sky Sports.

“I agree with Roy and I have said it many times on record that good players can play together and good players need to be able to adapt and take on a manager’s tactics.

“We don’t want team of individuals who want do it alone. The only way we are going to be successful as a team is if the combinations as a team work and we take on manager’s tactics.”

“Everyone is pushing for places. The young lads, certainly, have done fantastically well and we have two great players fighting for each position,” Gerrard added praising the efforts of the 30-man provisional roster.

“I don’t want to say we’re relaxed. We’re focused and prepared for whatever comes at us.

“This is England. It’s a group of players selected thoroughout the Premier League and we are going to play the Roy Hodgson way and the England way, and hopefully that’s a successful way.”