Brazil World Cup 2014: Twitter abuses wrong Marcelo after own goal against Croatia


The 2014 World Cup was supposed to be a month long party for Brazil, the host nation, as they danced to the World Cup trophy as heavy favorites. They got a favorable draw and were considered a lock to win the group and advance to the knockout rounds.

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The World Cup didn’t exactly open up how they had imagined. In the first 10 or so minutes of the game, Brazil found themselves in a 0-1 hole to heavy underdogs Croatia off an own goal from Marcelo.

Of course people did what they do, and the internet is still the internet, so they took to Twitter to vent. Many of whom looked to direct their anger and frustrations at Marcelo himself.

The only problem is that a considerable amount of those people don’t know Marcelo’s Twitter handle, or that his name has just one ‘L’ leading them to verbally berate the wrong guy on the internet.

The victim of the abuse, @Marcello, looked to redirect the angry mob towards the correct person.

Some people with some very non-Brazilian names seem to be pretty upset too.

He seems to be trying to make the best of it though. Apparently some people didn’t figure out they had the wrong account when he was tweeting during the game. Some noticed that Marcelo’s hair looked different on the account and called him out for that, which makes you wonder if they’re watching the game actually because they would notice his hair hasn’t changed.