World Cup: England boss Roy Hodgson pleased with backing


England had a disastrous time in Brazil, being eliminated from the World Cup after losing their first two games. That has England fans looking for a scapegoat, potentially manager Roy Hodgson and his tactics.

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Football Association chairman Greg Dyke came out and supported Hodgson, backing him to stay. England goal keeper Joe Hart voiced his support as well.

“Everyone is disappointed but we are supportive of Roy. He came to do a four-year cycle and we want him to stay and continue,” Dyke said, via Sky Sports.

“We think there are positives, despite losing narrowly to sides in the top eight (of the FIFA ranking). We don’t see any value in changing Roy. We think Roy has done a good job.

“We have young players who we’ve blooded by experiencing tournament football and it’s my view, as well as others in the FA, that he remains manager.”

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The support means a lot to Hodgson, who could get another chance to prove his worth in the Euros 2016.

“I am very pleased of course that Greg and the board have come out and backed me to continue,” Hodgson said, via Sky Sports.

“We are midway through a term, there’s lot of work to be done, but I also think we are on a good path.

“I can see a lot of possibilities for this team and these players to improve and become better and I am very pleased I am going to be the man leading them.

“It means a lot because the job means a lot to me. It’s a fantastic job, it’s a privilege to have it.

“I am very pleased to have had that backing. Scapegoats are always necessary in times of failure, one understands that. But one would like to think the work that you do is judged over a long period of time.

“These games were very important, we were desperate to do well in them, we didn’t, we lost and we bear the responsibility. No one’s trying to shy away from that, no one’s trying to put the blame on anybody else.”